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August 28, 2021 2 min read

Jai and I have been flat out in preparation for our official launch next week, and we are honestly so freakin excited. Since Pre-order opened last week we have been so blown away by the response, which is (obviously) a massive relief but also a massive feeling of vindication for us!

Over the next few weeks Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryers will be flying all around the world to New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, the US and even Sweden! We straight up BLEW UP on TikTok which I, as a normal 30 something year old thought was only for children to do dances and film themselves doing dumb stuff – never knew was a thing but apparently, I was wrong. It’s like the most effective, most worldwide free marketing ever, it made for a very interesting Thursday night!

We still have a mountain of work to do before we launch but we are so keen to get it done and get our Nappy Dryers out to you! Whether you use them with cloth nappies, bibs, socks, undies or something else altogether, Loomey is designed to give you back the time you’d normally spend standing at the washing line. We use ours every single day and I’m sure once you figure out how they work best for you, you will too.

Your Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryers are made from UV resistant plastic which, might put some people off, but you’ll have it for years even after your children are out of nappies which sits OK with us. It comes in a beautifully designed recycled cardboard box, and will be posted in either a recycled cardboard mailer box or in a fully compostable postage bag depending on how many you bought (and also how good I went at organising packaging).

Thank you again to all the wonderful people that have pre –ordered, as well as the amazing people that hit me up for wholesale. We are literally just getting started and we are so pumped to see how far we can go!

Grateful for all of you

Mr Loomey x