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October 01, 2021 1 min read

Shout out to all the Dads!

As a dad in the Cloth Nappy world, I feel like I’m very much on the outer. There’s not much rhetoric around Dads being too involved or even being allowed in this seemingly ‘Mothers Only’ inner sanctum. I think I found 1 legit Cloth Nappy Dad page on Instagram… Finding a dad to talk to about Cloth Nappies is like finding a mum who reckons she gets enough sleep – it’s just not out there.

So! I’m putting this message out to all the dads – probably via all the mums...

What do Dads/Stepdads/partners think of Modern Cloth Nappies?

  • Do they like it?
  • Are they completely unbothered?
  • Did they just go along with it because it was the path of least resistance?

I personally love Cloth Nappies! It saves money, I feel like I’m half saving the planet – what’s not to love?!

I spent an extra half hour the other day in Brisbane’s oldest bricks and mortar cloth nappy store (shout out Nest Nappies in Paddington) because I kept seeing super cute prints I liked – Pirate Walrus on a boat? You got it!

If your man is on the fence and your keen to give Modern Cloth Nappies a crack, get him to give me a bell! I will happily run him through the pros and cons and do my best to bring him around. Maybe I’ll even convince the boss to come up with a ‘dads discount code’ for Loomey Cloth Nappy Dryers!

Let me know what they come up with! 

Mr Loomey 



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