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August 08, 2021 2 min read

Starting Out

When the Mrs first floated the idea of us using Modern Cloth Nappies with our second bub, I was, understandably sceptical. We had a mutual friend who swore by their cloth nappies, but it looked like a lot of work and honestly, a massive pain in the ass. I remember my mum washing these giant white towels with pink edges years ago when my brother was born, scraping poo and washing and folding these things all day and night. However, as all husbands know, it was better to at least humour the boss rather than flat out saying no, so I started to research these world saving, eco-friendly bum covers.

Honestly it didn’t take long to make my mind up. I’m sure you you’ve heard the line that every disposable nappy that has ever been made is still on the planet because they don’t break down. Well I hadn’t, and it literally blew my mind. We watched the documentaries, stocked up on stainless steel straws and the logical next step on our clean, green journey was cloth nappies.

Obviously a few teething issues at the start, but once we got rolling it really wasn’t a big deal. Poo goes in toilet, Pre wash on hot, normal wash for long, hang em out bring em in and build. I make them up while I’m watching footy (between tins of course). And now that we have Loomey, it’s even easier! I can attach all the inserts and shells while I’m watching telly, or feeding the kids or whatever, and hang them out after.

Have a go!

So if you’re on the fence, my advice to you is, why not? Just have a crack at it! Modern Cloth Nappies are easier than you think, and A LOT cheaper than disposables for 3 years. If you need more motivation google images has some pearlers, or just watch that video of the turtle with the straw in his nose. You’ll be an eco-warrior quick smart.


Mr Loomey