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Cloth Nappy Dryer Bundle & Save

Loomey was designed specifically for one purpose: so you spend less time at the washing line and more time with your family. It's simple to use, it saves space on the line, and you'll save money on your energy bill by switching from the tumble dryer to the Cloth Nappy Dryer!

⭐️ Bundle Includes 2 Boxes (8 Dryers)

⭐️ Easy to use

⭐️ Save money on energy bills

⭐️ Made from UV resistant material 

⭐️ Suitable for all your little laundry eg: socks, underwear, etc.

⭐️ Simplify your wash routine

⭐️ Eco Friendly Packaging

⭐️ Australian Owned and Designed






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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Emily N
Great product, more info needed

Love this Australian product. Works a treat and very convenient. Only wish that there had been more info on the website about it only fitting thin clothes horse rungs. In winter it's not practical for us to use our clothes line so it's clothes horse or dryer. In our case the loomey just didn't fit over the rungs.

Hi Emily,
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. We've taken on your feedback and we'll be updating the product pages to reflect the recommended rung sizing to fit the dryers. For a cheeky hack you can use Loomey on a wire coat hanger and hang they on the airer. Thanks for your support!
The Loomey Team

Mykaela Gage
Such a space saver

I have begun using my Loomey dryers when washing bubs clothes and nappies in preparation for arrival and I would not have been able to fit as much on the clothes airer had it not been for this brilliant hangers. I highly recommend them and have been sharing with friends who also have young ones.

Can’t have enough

We love our loomeys. We have multiple packs now to use for nappies, socks, underwear and more. The only problem we have is some of our nappy covers are very thin so you need to pick a spot where the press studs will stop the nappy from slipping off from between the clips. We do recommend not overloading them too unless the weather is very warm as the middle ones do take longer to dry. All of this aside, the loomey makes it so easy and we go through so many less pegs on our washing line. We can fit much more on the line too!

Sarah May
Brilliant for more than just nappies!

I bought a set of Loomeys before our baby was born and have found they have been SO useful for drying cloth nappies, reusable breast pads, baby socks etc. I have since bought more Loomeys for pregnant friends of mine. Would highly recommend!

Timea Konstandaras
Love it!

Such a time-saver! Don't have to worry about pegging and unpegging, losing my pegs in the entire process...the loomey streamlines my laundry routine and makes the whole process just that bit faster. Would definitely recommend